UE5 - Bridge download temp directory on C:

Hello, I noticed a non adapted functioning of bridge under Unreal engine 5.

I changed the Library Path folder in a directory of a big hard disk, but the temporary files of the download are stored on the hard disk C: ( C:\Users\CyberAlien\AppData\Roaming\Bridge-Bifrost ), the problem is that my hard disk does not have a big capacity ( 250Go NVME ), and currently the download stores me 90Go on my disk C: which can quickly become a problem.

I also noticed that the assets once finished are not deleted from the temporary folder.

Why not use the folder (LibraryPath) for the download?



Hi @CyberAlien
You might like to try switching on Windows disk compression on the NVME disk. I have tried this and it does work better if you have compressible files like text. You need to relocate all ZIP files to another drive. Your downloads and documents need to go on the Hard drive then. I have done this on the laptop and its really fast for reading files. The downside is that writing/copying file to the NVME is now slower as the processor has to compress everything on a write. Its not good policy to keep writing to the NVME. Remember to TRIM/defrag the drives before compression.

Hey. I have same problem, did you find a solution? It’s really painful cause I can’t download the nanite assets due to lack of space