UE5 Blueprint Thread Safe Update Animation function not running

Hey guys,

I was trying to use the BlueprintThreadSafeUpdateAnimation function in my animation blueprint so I over rid that function in my animation blueprint. But it doesn’t seam to ever run, from the Lyra Starter Game project it should be running on tick but the BlueprintThreadSafeUpdateAnimation function in my own animation blueprint doesnt run at all.

Not sure if there is some setting to enabled the BlueprintThreadSafeUpdateAnimation function but I havent been able to find any setting like that.

Any help with this would be amazing thanks guys.

Have you figured out what’s the cause? I’m having the same issue right now. The function triggers once on start and never again.

edit: Nevermind, I figured it out myself.

Hey, I haven’t worked it out. Could you share how you got it working please? :slight_smile:

lol u came back to type edit ? – you should put solution also btw

Sorry guys, the solution was specific to my own code and it wouldn’t help anyone to explain it here. I just mentioned it so nobody would waste their time trying to figure out the problem.

Pretty sure you need to enable this inside of the Project Settings. Otherwise you wont be able to run animation updates on multiple threads.

EDIT: There isn’t much documentation or tutorials right now on multi threaded animation updates, but the Lyra Animation documentation does an okay job:
Animation in Lyra Sample Game in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

Be sure to make your function “Thread Safe” in the details section under the “Advanced” drop down.

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