UE5 blueprint comments look buggy?

This isn’t normal, right?


I just converted one of my projects from 4.27 to 5.0…

Oh, I see that drop down menus have the same graphical glitch… like a rounded border drawn within the already existing border:


(Also makes the text not centered.) :stuck_out_tongue:

5.1 is out… still no plans to fix this?

It’s really messy looking.

The drop box has extra functionality that is why it looks like that. Dunno about the comments.

I’m sorry but you can’t convince me that this in any way looks good:

Not sure what they were going for here… they’re testing an idea that slipped through and shouldn’t be in any public release is the only conclusion I can draw…

I hated the comment system in UE4, never really used it. In UE5 with the laggier blueprint graphs i’m sure it is even worse.

You get used to the off center drop down menus though, and the extra functionality is nice.