UE5 Blendspace Play Rate not exposed in AnimBP

Final edit: I figured it out. There are two options for inserting a blendspace into the AnimGraph. One is just called " Blendspace ‘Name_of_Blendspace’ " while the second is called " Blendspace Player ‘Name_of_Blendspace’ ". This second option exposes the settings as in UE4.

I’m trying to expose the Play Rate as a pin in my blendspace so I can assign a variable to it as I have in UE4, but in UE5 the whole ‘settings’ section is not showing. I’m instead able to edit the settings for the blendspace itself from the AnimBP, such as the axis settings which is cool. The issue is the missing settings for the blendspace otherwise. I can still edit ‘Loop Animation’, ‘Play Rate’, etc. on individual animations, but can no longer adjust these setting on a blendspace. Am I missing something or is the functionality removed for some reason?

Not there with a Blendspace when it used to be there in UE4:

Is still there with an individual animation in UE5:
Screenshot 2021-08-06 114232

Edit: I can still use a 2D blendspace to resolve this, but was hoping to maintain the simple options of the 1D blendspace.

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