UE5 Blade Runner 2049 Las Vegas Render

I am new to UE / UE5 but I got super excited on the cinematic/filmmaking possibilities. It took me about 4 days of learning and experimenting and I put this together this short render (from one of my fave films of all time!): Unreal Engine 5 Blade Runner 2049 'Ruins of Las Vegas' Scene [8K] (UE5 cinematic render) - YouTube

This was all a bit of and experiment and I’ll be doing a breakdown/BTS video but essentially I didn’t have a green screen or large space so I just filmed myself walking in my house. Then rotoscoped it in After Effects and exported to PNG/s with alpha. Then used image media source to get it into EU5.

Some of the rotoscoping could be better but apart from that I’d love any feedback on the video.



Hey JasonTheRoberts,

Welcome to the Unreal Engine community! Stoked to have you here and sharing your work with us.

As far as feedback goes, I really like how you went for more of an emotional scene with a story as your first project here. Takes a lot of courage to show your imagination sometimes :raised_hands:

Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future friend!

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Thanks so much for the encouragement - I really appreciate that - I know I have a lot to learn but that’s the fun/challenging bit!! :slight_smile:

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Nice work, especially after just 4 days of learning. Blade Runner 2049 is probably my favorite movie haha. =)

And to echo PresumptivePanda, welcome to the UE4 community! Looking forward to seeing what else you create as you learn more!

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Thanks so much - wow I’m loving the positivity in this forum already! :slight_smile: