UE5 Bike Sample

Hi all, is the blue dirt bike model from Chaos Vehicle demo video available to use? It seems like it’s not available in the starter contents of UE5.0.2 and I can’t find it anywhere else. Thanks!


Good question, I’m not aware of it being available anywhere. (For context, he is mentioning this bike)

Paulo (the video creator) is an evangelist, so he should have his ear ‘closer to the ground’ than others - try asking about it in the video comments!

Also, this may be too many polys, but there is a sweet bike as a part of this learning content.

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Thanks for your help, I’ll try to ask in the video comments

I’m also very interested in this demo.

Maybe @Paulo.Souza can help here, since they made the video. Sorry for the ping if it’s bad behavior.

We are not able to share that model but the link @Astrotronic shared could work well.

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