UE5 being corrupted building c++ project!

Hello, I found a really bad bug I guess. So i have a plugin called DiscordMessenger
from the marketplace, I followed a tutorial on youtube to update plugins and doing so corrupts ue5 and causes me to reinstall.

You will laugh at how this is being corrupted…

Steps to take to see this issue:

1 Fresh install of ue5
2 Take the 4.27 plugin “DiscordMessenger” out of the 4.27 marketplace plugins folder
3 Make a ue5 blank c++ project
4 make a Plugins folder in the c++ project folder
5 Add the plugin into this folder
6 Delete saved, intermediate, build and .vs folders and the project sln file.
7 Right click projectname.uproject and generate project files
8 Click the SLN and load into VS2022
9 Build solution, ERRORS files missing from your unreal engine 5 folder
10 Close visual studio without making any modifications to any files.
11 Open launcher and ue5 now says Repair.

After this you can’t open any c++ project until you repair ue5…


Windows 11, 32gig ram, SSD drives, rtx 2070ti

@Amanda.Schade @VictorLerp

If i need to i can make a video of it so you can see it first hand.
in-fact tomorrow morning after i wake up i will make the video, I
have been fighting with this ever since i wanted to update the plugin.