UE5 Archviz tutorials concentrating on interactivity?

Hey there guys, before I go off and buy this tutorial

Are there any others you have seen (preferably in English which the above link isn’t, but has subtitles) that cover exporting a UE5 exe, interactivity (eg swapping furniture, changing asset colours, opening doors, changing from day to night, etc in the exe) all in one course (ie I don’t want to be jumping around trying to patch different tutorials into one project)?

I just want to have the skills to produce interactive architectural visualisations that provide the best value to prospective clients.

Thanks in advance.

No other suggestions?

I think you’ll have more joy separating these. Interactivity is the same regardless of the end product.

You don’t really need to worry about interactivity… its fairly simple. Its all about the level you want to go to. Switching out materials is easy with the exception of if you use static lighting, you’ll want to control your indirect lighting as different colors influence that (you may want to set everything to a gray or white for that reason). If you want items like fans and doors to move, you’ll want to use dynamic lighting. If you’re just moving a pawn around a space, static is best. If its exported as a game, you’ll want to optimize your textures and lightmaps. I’ve had big issues with this. Really when you figure out the scope of your interactivity you decide what type(s) of lighting you need and can go from there. The blueprints and such aren’t difficult at all to make.

It was a challenge for me to figure out wall color changes and other interactiv. What I did was search YouTube for them. And watch them all… they kind of all give you the pathway. Eventually one video will click well. Sadly not many out there but if I did it… so can you!

Here is a bit of advertisement, sorry. I am selling this tool here on the marketplace. It’s ready for Unreal 5. Just migrate it over from Unreal 4.26. It will deal with all the interaction that you mentioned in the original post. It will save you a lot of time. It won’t teach you how to use the basics in Unreal but once you know them using this is pretty easy.

Good job on it! Looks clean and beautiful! Usefull for those who want this done asap! Any 5.0 support?

We can’t sell products on the marketplace for 5.0 because it is a preview version. But you can get it for 4.26+ and then just migrate it over to a 5.0 project. It works fine. You have to enable Lumen and remove most static lights to switch over to a fully dynamic scene. Works great with Lumen and the Sun positioning actor.

You can download a demo project for Unreal 5.