UE5 Anti Aliasing Shadows Flickering

I have been working on a scene in UE5 and will be using movie render queue to render out high quality cinematics of the scene but I have been getting strange flickering shadows when rendering with anti aliasing enabled. I have included a link below to a google drive folder with two videos in it, one with AA and one without AA. You will see in the one with AA enabled that there is a lot of flickering in certain shadows, look at the chair, the roof of the garage in the distance, and on the wall behind the door. In the version with no AA, there is no flickering in these areas but the quality of the rendering is not as good. I would like to be able to use AA to produce the high quality rendering but I am unable to with this shadow issue. I have been struggling trying to fix this for months but have had no luck. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any suggestions on what I can try? Link to the google drive folder is below, I have also included two photos of my AA rendering settings and the console variables used (which are the same as is recomended in the documentation).


Please let me know if anyone has any ideas on a fix, thanks!