UE5 Android 32 bit are 7 build

Trying to build a project for Android arm7, but in the project settings i can only see arm64. It looks like UE5 has had this option removed. If so, is there a work around/plugin rather than staying with UE4.26. Any help would be greatly appreciated, John Proctor,

They said there will be no more support for 32 bit systems.

Thanks for the information, is there any work around? John.

I’ve tried googling with no success, can you provide a reference for this?

Edit: nvm found it Migration Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

I would like to help by saying there is a video on Migrating to 64-bit - YouTube. Basically from July 2021 you will NO LONGER be able to put 32bit only 64 bit,ARM64, on Google Store this has been policy since 2016. I know you can side load 32 bit games, but that will be for college learning only.
Hi @jproctor
On the subject of UE5 there are two important updates as you will see in the documentation 32 bit is no longer supported, but further ONLY Visual Studio 2019 will be supported. So if you have come from UE 4 where VS 2017 is supported, beware of the change. Eventually this will become VS 2022 which is a true 64 bit only. Many Android Phones support 64 bit, and they are cheaper than replacing a PC!.:slight_smile: