UE5 and the HTML5 platform

Hey guys, so I’ve successfully got a build of UE5 running on HTML5, with Chaos physics enabled, however it does not render anything yet.

There are two paths I can take to get rendering working, both are fairly complicated.

I could add WebGPU support, this would enable support for Lumen and Nanite and is definitely the more time consuming option.


I could add WebGL2 support (basically add back the removed ES2 and upgrade it to ES3), I’ve mostly completed this however the largest setback is that support for ShaderResourceViews are no longer optional since 4.25+, and they don’t currently work as is for WebGL2, the reason it doesn’t work is that SRVs (a DX thing) map to either a Buffer texture or an SSBO, neither of which are supported on webgl2; to solve this I could add another path for the SRVs as an Image buffer. This would enable improved mobile quality rendering (improved over the last UE4 version).

I’m trying to find ways of monetizing my work so that I can continue to work on this full time. Does anyone have any suggestions? Kickstarter? MegaGrant? Patreon?

Also is there anyone interested in working on this with me?


We have setup a new Discord server that is purely non-profit and open-source only.

To anyone else interested in helping our open-source community in any way, please join us on Discord


@kronos-prime We’re developing a WebGL platform for UE devs to deploy their games. Here’s a link to our Discord server: The Metaverse

@warvstar hi, I’d like to help, how to get involved?

You can join our Discord community here:

I also have use for the HTML5 platform to distribute UE4 games to the web.

I’m not sure how I can help, except to test applications for publications. I’m proficient at game development for EU4, but I have been unable to find a way to successfully publish to the web.

I will log onto you Discord page in hopes we can figure this out.

Stephen Flanagan

We have seen people (including myself) being booted from your discord server for simply discussing the implementation of HTML5 plugin onto the current version of UE.

So consequentially for those interested in helping bring the HTML5 platform plugin to UE5, we welcome you on our open-source, open-communication, and non-profit discord server. Here is the invite!

@warvstar Can You share any documentation how you add HTML5 Support in Unreal Engine 5 ?