UE5 and metahuman - unusable

I had 20 crashes in the last 20 minutes trying to assign baked animations to a metahuman.
The baked animation sequences were generated using a dedicated Level Sequence where the control rig was animated. So no external animations or mixamo or retargeting - just BASIC simple stuff, core to the workflow.

In addition, switching to “use animation asset” resets to “custom mode” on play… or UE5 crashes. Either way - baked animation doesn’t work. Or works for the face but not for the body.

The only metahuman workflow resource I found is this:

Can someone at Epic create a more complete workflow tutorial showcasing HOW THOSE BAKED ANIMATIONS ACTUALLY WORK WITH METAHUMAN - so that we can help you develop your product without the risk of stroke.

…or just say it’s unusable for the moment so we can all move on.