UE5 and changes: vault content, quixel being built-in

Really love that UE5 has quixel built into it, this is such an intuitive design answer so big thanks to the dev team for doing this.
the question is, can i delete the stand alone application now? it hogs up a mountain of drivespace i’d like to get back if it has become redundant for UE5.

next up is vault content. none of the vault content i grabbed to try out UE4 is compatable with UE5, so it has to go but there does not appear to be a way to remove it? that is soaking up far far more precious drivespace on my machine.
now that I know this stuff defaults to my c drive, i just want to redirect it to my 10TB raid array where it ought to be going. I can’t even install the ‘valley of the ancient’ sample files so I can learn UE properly because it ‘wants’ to go onto my c drive even though it has no need to live there when i have reams of space on another drive just for such content.

how can i just get UE5 to know not to put vault content or sample UE files on my c drive? if i go to settings, it lets me ‘change’ the location for vault cache but it doesn’t remove them from the c drive nor does it relocate them to my other drive where all the free space is.

edit: found i can save the sample file for UE5 to my other drive, which is a big help but i still have 30 GM of vault content I cannot use and don’t know how to find let alone delete…