[UE5] Am I missing something or is UE5 a little bugged? Infinite Loop

Been making a slot machine to get used to ue4 and I had it rotating on a delay, but it rotated too slowly so I fired an event to start rotating again until the max count was reached. it will no longer allow me to launch as it says an Infinite Loop was detected.

Maybe UE5 is a bit more concerned about loops, you could use a timed function as a workaround and probably also a cleaner alternative. You can use the nodes „timer by function name“ and „stop timer by function name“.
Good luck

your final “set” nodes aren’t wired to your “restart roll” call at the end, so that bool never gets set and the method won’t be called when “true”.
There might be other stuff going on, your core loop is somewhat overengineered which makes troubleshooting from a screenshot a bit tricky.

A decent working assumption would be that core logic flows aren’t buggy, since the engine is extensively tested (and has a 20-something year legacy) - so especially when starting out, if something seems buggy, it’s almost always user-error.

Good luck!

Thank you both for the info but the issue actually, was with the Random Number it was being re generated each time, so it never ended up ending.

I moved it to the beginning and to its own function to be safe and it works now

Edit: Or so I thought but it ran once then stopped I’ll keep looking into it

Edit 2: Alright here is some weirdness it runs perfectly if I add a delay, it runs a random amount of times then stops perfectly but calls infinite loop error if I take the delay out