UE5 after crash using recoveryhub some blueprints come at the 0.0.0 location

Sometimes ue5 crashes while blueprinting and I restore everything through the recovery hub, but sometimes the blueprints all start at 0.0.0, and I have to place them one by one. my blueprints
but for some reason it doesn’t happen in all blueprints, it happens randomly
Some of my blueprints do not have location and direction information, so the problem is not what is written in the blueprint.
While recovering after the crash, for some reason, some blueprints can’t get their location properly, I think that’s the problem, but I don’t know how to solve it.
I am using data layer, but the blueprints are not in the layer layer anyway, there is no problem with static meshes.
it happened again today, for example, if there are 600 blueprints, 150 of them came to the world center
this is getting annoying now if you could help me i would be very happy
I’m about to go crazy
. thank you take care of yourself ^^

Spawn Collision Handling Method : AlwaysSpawn Ignore collisions
blueprint hasnt data layer
World partition : runtime grid none
Is spatially loaded : true