UE5 Add Quixel Content Crashes

When in UE5>content drawer>(and I right click to Add Quixel Content) it crashes every time. I restarted, uninstalled/reinstalled and noting works. What to do for this.

I’m having this same issue. On M1Max MacBook Pro. This was working previously, though I just recently upgraded to this computer and can’t remember if my last Bridge pull was before or after the update.

I’ve submitted multiple crash reports and tried several things to fix (as OP) without success.

Instead of right-clicking to add Quixel Content from within the Content Browser, you can open the Content folder in the upper-left-hand corner of the UI and then open Quixel Bridge.

Doing so will result in UE5EA’s internal build of Bridge launching where you’ll need to sign in to your Unreal Unlimited account. Once signed in, you’ll be able to download assets from Bridge and use the “Add To Project” button (+). This will add the asset to your Content Drawer. From there, you’ll then be able to drag and drop assets into your viewport as expected. I hope this helps!

Enable the following plugins will solve the issue on M1 MAX

  • Web Authentication Plugin
  • Web Browser
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Thank you that worked for me on M1 Mac Mini also

This is also happening to me. 5.0.2, Windows, started happening after I deleted the textures/material of a Quixel material I had downloaded and didn’t want.

If it matters or helps, the downloaded textures were marked as VTs. I didn’t want them to be such, so I set about deleting them and then modifying the base material to not use virtual texturing. Tried reverting that to see if the changed material was somehow causing the crashing, no joy.

Current behavior is I attempt to download a material, Quixel crashes Unreal, I reopen Unreal, and I find the 3 textures in the folder I would expect, but no material. Also, oddly, the textures aren’t flagged as VT anymore, they’re just textures. Also also, none have been marked as added for source control, so presumably the crash happens before it would get to that.

EDIT: HAH, got it. So the bug is that if you ever set an override Quixel master shader, and then remove it? You have to set a new one. It’ll report Empty, but what actually happens (I suspect) is doesn’t understand or check NULL, tries to load NULL as a master shader and fails. So what I’ve done is just manually set the default master shader as the (override) master shader, and now it works fine.

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hi dude, i have same issue, but i can’t find the setting override Quixel master Shader. If it’s ok, please tell me where is it. thanks!