UE5 - Actors with physics and collisions enabled going through the floor despite having CCD

Since I’ve ported my project from UE4.27 to UE5 I’ve had this bug on every actor that has Simulate Physics enabled.

I have a mechanic where the player can grab an object and then throw it to the floor. This worked perfectly on UE4.27, but on UE5 the actor will go through the floor most of the time.

The floor is a plane made with mesh tools and has a collision. I’m wondering if there’s any way to fix this issue without manually adding an invisible collission beneath every floor (which it looks like it has worked so far, but it would take a lot of time because my game has a very big world with tons of different floors and floor levels).

Here are some videos of what happens when a player throws an object to the floor:


I can attest that this does happen to me too.

My affected actor is way smaller: a chemlight. it is not particulary big (arond >1 unit in length) and gets thrown on spawn. Depending on its speed and angle of aproach, it tends to pass through the floor static mesh way to often.

If the angle of approach is either flat or near to 90°, it tends to pass through the floor, but if the angle of approach is somewhere around 45°, it will stay.

I observed that this does happen more frequently, if other meshes are around at the point of impact.

Also, if I happen to have one “setup” where the chemlight felt through, I can repeat that as many times as I like (because the ballisitic curve is always the same)…

That is annoying as hell :smiley: