UE5.4 Motion Matching not working

Hello, I’m trying to use Motion Matching in UE5.4.

I am working Character which has rig different from Unreal 5 Mannequin. (No Mixamo)
So i got some animations in Marketplace, and Retarget my character to Unreal 5 mannequin, then created Pose Search Schema & Database.
And i made all animation enabled Root Motion for sure.

But when i added them to Pose Search Database, none of the motions are appeared in pose db viewport. It is just emply :sob:

I think root motions is working well…

Root Motion in Anim Sequence :


Root Motion in Retargeter :


Are there other options to make it work ?

I will answer myself.

  1. Check Root Motion is enabled.

  2. Check the Retarget was successful.

  3. Check the reference Bones in Pose Search Schema. It is set to foot_l & foot_r as default, so i needed to change it for my bone. I didn’t recognize this cuz i thought it is up to the setting of skeleton in schema. But it just set the default values for it.



Then it worked perfectly. :smiley: