UE5.4 imports models through interchange during runtime,The material normal map is invalid.

In UE5.4, I imported the model through exchange and applied the already set material file.

The texture, highlight, roughness and other parameters of the material are displayed normally, but the normal map cannot be displayed.

In UE5.3, the material can be fully applied by performing the same operation.

May I ask if there is a solution to the problem in UE5.4.

Otherwise, I will have to refactor the project in UE5.3.

Requesting your help, thank you.

And I am using Reimport Asset, which also does not work in version 5.4, while it can be used in version 5.3.

Which file format are you importing?
Can you share the model with us, as well as the code you use for import and reimport?

FYI: Runtime import is still experimental.

Thank you for your reply.
In version 5.3, it can be used in the editor, but after packaging, the normal map is still not generated.

After testing, it is necessary to turn off Tangent Space Normal in the material options,

models imported at runtime will have normal maps.

But, after closing Tangent Space Normal, the rendering of the entire model became abnormal.

I have tried various methods and the problem has not been solved, but I may have explored the cause of the problem.

When I import using models without Normal direction data,

In the packaged program, the imported model appears as an abnormal black model;

In the editor, the model can be displayed normally;

So I infer that the packaged program may not have the ability to refactor normals,

Therefore, this issue arises.