UE5 & 4 crashing on launch macOS Ventura

Hi all, hoping someone can help me out.

I’ve downloaded, uninstalled, and reinstalled multiple versions of UE (5.1, 5.0, 4.2) on my mac to no avail-- Each time I try to launch (through both Epic Games Launcher and terminal), the Unreal Editor icon briefly flashes in the dock, then disappears, and no crash report is generated in terminal. I have Xcode downloaded, and my mac (Intel) is running on the most recent os Ventura. I have never previously installed Epic Games Launcher or Unreal Engine on this mac.

I’ve tried to search everything I can think of to find a solution but so far no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Same here. The earlier versions bounced in the dock and then nothing. Later versions got me to a splash screen that crashed at 0% initializing and gave me a crash report. I’ve never successfully opened it.

so what u do is cos Ventura wreck opening unreal projects from epic, is this… first do this, delete excode, command spacebar, type Xcode then drag it in the Bin. Delete. Then go in the App Store and Redownload Xcode, When it’s downloading open up Epic and open up your project, u will see it goes past 18% and your project will open. Wait till Xcode has downloaded and installed while your Unreal project is opened then u can continue making your project. Bad news is u have to do this every time u open up your project. which means every time u close Unreal close Epic u also have to delete Xcode. Then next time u wanna open up you epic project again, same thing make sure Xcode is deleted, download Xcode, open unreal project. And it’s always deleting and installing Xcode now while u open an Unreal project. Thanks Ventura