[UE5.4.1] GLTF Morph targets are corrupted on import but work in GLTF viewer

I have a skeletal mesh that needs morph targets. But I can not in any way load them into UE5.
The morph targets show up in the Preview of the interchange import dialog.


Upon importing i get

LogInterchangeImport: Error: Corrupted morph target optional payload data [0:0].

And a warning saying not all objects are valid.

The GLTF file works perfectly fine with the online GLTF viewer from khronos or any other online viewer.

If I try to import with animations only I get

LogInterchangeImport: Error: SkeletalMesh does not exist, the skeleton and skeletal mesh is obligatory to import this animsequence 

Eventhough the skeleton/skeleton mesh does exist

Can you share the model with us? Maybe through a private message.

How do I dm you so I can send you the gltf?