Ue5.2 foliage on static mesh not sticking

Hi! I am using UE 5.2, I imported a megascan gigantic tundra terrain as nanite to use as a base terrain for a scene. I want to paint grass foliage on this static mesh, but the grass is not sticking to it, some floats in the air and some are into the ground.

I tried importing another megascan asset, which is a rock, and tried to paint grass on that, and everything looks good, the grass looks like it’s growing from the rock surface, but it’s just not working for this tundra terrain. Any ideas?

I believe the foliage tool uses the Nanite Fallback mesh as the collision of where to place the foliage. So if you bring the fallback mesh error down to 0, and try again it should place correctly I believe?

There also may be a console setting you can set to avoid having to change nanite mesh settings. If you give me a minute I might find something.

I thought setting r.RayTracing.Nanite.Mode 1, would allow it to place it without a setting tweak but it didn’t. But setting the relative error to 0 worked great for me.