UE5.1 textures not always updating (Newbie)

Ive just come back to UE after giving up on 4 as i couldnt seem to uv map objects properly. (But thats another story)
So here i am again a year later, better gpu installed, not the latest RTX just a gtx 1080ti. Im running UE5.1 and have my basic scene loaded, some quixel cliffs and rocks, mountains. I added a fog layer, but everytime i adjust the settings the fog vanishes, and only returns if i go into game play and back out again. Then i will see the fog and any changes i made.
Sometimes some of the rocks or cliffs will be stuck on a very low texture, while others are fully detailed. I tried rebuild and still they were low texture. Another time they will update to high detail.
Obviously i cant work like this on a scene especialy fog. Its impossible to adjust if it vanishes.
Im probably making a lot of newbie mistakes, so hoping someone may have some tips/advice for me?

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Had to turn off texture streaming.