UE5.1 Source build took 9 hours?!?

Hi all. I had to leave my PC on the whole night because when I went to sleep, VS had only compiled like 750/5000 files. When I woke up and checked it, it said it took 9 hours?

(33472 seconds = 9.2 hours)

My PC is not that bad either (RTX 3060, R9 5900hx, 16GB RAM 3200mhz) and I can even compile UE4 in under 40 minutes. Should I use VS2020 or above? Should I stay on VS 2019 and change a setting? I’m really not sure, however I need something to be done because I’m bound to make a dumb mistake and need to recompile the engine.

Hi Mr Deblasio,

I found that hard-drive/ssd write speed could be a bottleneck for compiling. Thanks for posting your system specs, but were you also compiling UE4 on the same storage?

VS2019 is still the ‘officially recommended’ version. Never heard of changing any specific settings for faster compiles. Do you know if subsequent compiles need to recompile everything, or only changed modules?


Hi, thanks for responding. I have two SSDs, with VS on my C drive and UE5 on my other drive. So far, only changed modules have to be built and they’ve been pretty fast.