UE5.1, How to access SoundWave's ResourceData in packaged Build?

I have a wav file packaged with the game, I would like to access the soundwave’s SourceData runtime. It works ok on UE2.7, but not UE5.1 (Note, it works ok in editor, but not in packaged build)

I found in UE5.1 SoundWave->GetResourceData() is always null, I found SoundWave->GetCompressedData() is also null.

Checked engine sourcecode in Soundwave.cpp’s USoundWave::InitAudioResource() method, seems it never set value to SoundWaveDataPtr->ResourceData.

Is this a bug? Anyone facing the same issue??

Any suggestions will be appreciated. thanks!!!

I might’ve found someone who’s faced the same issue as you:

Let me know if you still have issues!

Hi Zen, thanks for that, but the solution you pointed doesn’t work for my case. In that post, it has the data of the audio and trying to put that into a soundwave object.

But in my case, I have the soundwave object, I would like to load the data from it. My key issue is that SoundWave->GetResourceData() is null , SoundWave->GetCompressedData() is also null

Hope that makes sense. Any suggestions will be appreciated. thanks!!!