UE5.03 Skeletal Mesh Clipping help (Noob warning)

Hi there! I have a slight issue I cannot solve. I am a noob and started learning about 2 weeks ago. I transferred my character from Daz, so it’s rigged up already, I retargeted the animations - I can run around etc etc. What I am having trouble is that in the blueprint settings. I imported Jeans after rigging them to an exported gen8.1 fbx mesh from UE5 in blender, (I transferred weights and made sure there wasn’t any clipping in Blender)
Everything inside blender seems fine, but when I go to add the Skeletal Mesh as a component inside the 3rd person BP, I begin to have clipping issues. I tried to use the Gen8 Physics asset but I still have clipping. Note that I added jiggle physics to my Gen8 character which I don’t know if that’s the problem (I created an asset without jiggle physics and I still get massive clipping). I JUST started learning Blender and UE5 in the past 2 weeks. These clipping issues aren’t present in Blender.

So my main question is, do I have to duplicate the Gen8 physics assets and assign it to the pair of Jeans or is this more of an issue with Blender transferring weight data to UE5?
The areas that clip the most are: Glutes and calves. I would show the Glute photos but I don’t know how Epic handles NSFW content. There is also more problematic clipping with the glutes, the jean mesh completely gets sucked in by the character glutes when running.