UE5.0 GeneratedCodeHelpers.h contains non-existing function call

one of my plugins fails to compile in UE5 due to a call to a non-existing function.

the function call appears in file
“C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.0\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Public\GeneratedCodeHelpers.h” line 662

	// Replacements for CustomThunk functions from KismetMathLibrary
	static float Divide_FloatFloat(float A, float B)
		if (B == 0.f)
			ExecutionMessage(TEXT("Divide by zero"), ELogVerbosity::Warning);
			return 0.0f;
		return UKismetMathLibrary::GenericDivide_FloatFloat(A, B);

UKismetMathLibrary does not have a function “GenericDivide_FloatFloat”.

for now i commented it out, but since this is an engine file and not one of my own files i would like to find out what the real source of the problem is.

when i remove said plugin, everything compiles fine. so what is going on with this file? is this file changed according to stuff in my own files by the UE build tool or something similar?

does anyone have an idea on how to find out what part of my plugin causes that behavior?



i already solved that a while ago. just posting an update if somebody runs into the same problem.

i just commented out all includes to the code helpers like so

//#include "GeneratedCodeHelpers.h"

i don’t know why i added that in the first place but apparently the include was not needed in UE5 any more.

however it is kind of strange that we can include engine files that will result in compilation errors just by include…

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