UE5.0.2 started crashing randomly and i would really love some help

this is the error it keeps throwing it all started when I tried to import a nanite model from quixel and it got worse I can’t even run the app for 5 seconds and it crashes, I’m a beginner hoping to learn but this is extremely demoralizing…please help me!

your dx 12 drivers are crashing
1st update your vidcard drivers
if it still crashes, then in your project settings disable dx 12 and it will switch to dx 11

it is directx 11 that it runs on automatically, besides it doesn’t even stay open long enough to make any change, it literally crashes in like 10 seconds when I open the app…it threw this error just now
Screenshot 2022-08-03 220339

What is your vid card?
I don’t think nanite works in dx 11, it requires the project to be dx 12 if you want to use it.
Can you run the editor and make a new project, not open any?
If you can’t even load the main engine editor without a project and get the create new project options then I don’t think you have a good enough gfx card
you need an 1060 at min and it works better with rtx
I have a 1060 and I don’t really use nanite
every major windows update I end up installing the gfx drivers again

i have a 3050ti on my system and its a pretty good system so I don’t see why it won’t work…if I open a new project or resume an old one it still crashes immediately even without loading anything in, just clicking on the default objects in the scene makes it crash and it was not like this a couple of days ago it just started crashing all of a sudden…i did not make changes to anything on my system or my graphics card, I have all my drivers updated too

did you update them today?
There could have been a sneaky windows update
I see you are on 5.02
update to 5.0.3
it fixed a lot of ue5 crashing for me, it was unusable before 5.0.3

yes i updated them
I’ll do that and let you know immediately, thank you