UE5.0.2 Landscape Mode Broken?

Anyone else here find that Unreal Engine 5 5.0.2 Landscape Mode is broken?

It won’t import some of the standard Landscape resolutions like 1009x1009 or 4033x4033, it just says Heightmap Resolution: "Invalid"
Yet resolutions like 2017 and 8129 import fine.

Also, the entire World Partition Landscape Mode is totally wrong and non-functional.
For example, when I import a 20x20 tile set of 1009x1009 tiles, which should be 20161x20161 with shared edges, I instead get a terrain that according to the interface is a Heightmap Resolution of 20180x20180 (+19 difference or no shared edges) and Overall Resolution of 20401x20401 (+240 difference or an incorrect resolution of 20x1020 instead), and the Quads/Sections/Components is also wrong for a 1009x1009 tile set.
The same goes for any other World Partition that I attempt to load.
A 3x3 1009x1009 which is 3025x3025 resolution says on the Landscape Mode interface that it is a 3027x3027 Heightmap and 3049x3049 Overall.

I’ve done dozens of tests and both Landscape and World Partition are broken.

Does this mean that breaking changes are going to come our way when they finally fix this? I would assume that any Landscape or World Composition created at this time is going to be wrecked with invalid properties. In this current state Landscape and World Partition are unusable, because the heightmap either can’t be imported or the final tile data is going to be wrong.

Partially answering my own question.

Landscape import is flaky and sometimes won’t import some recommended resolutions. Restarting the editor or trying later often fixes it. Today I tried all recommended resolutions and they imported fine.

However, the values shown on the Import dialog for tiled worlds still seems to be off, unless Epic is calculating some things differently. It seems as if Epic is ignoring the imported tile dimensions for Sections and Components and redoing the values for World Partition in a different way. They seem to be using 511 resolution Components instead of 254.
I have a lot of imported map sizes, I hope to decipher their layout.

I have deciphered the main World Partition landscape sizing values.
So it isn’t broken, Epic just changed how they are managing all Sections and Components and the overall heightmap resolutions for World Partition have changed because of that.
They are using a larger Component Size and larger Sections, most likely for fewer Drawcalls on larger terrains.
It would be nice if Epic documented this, but I figured it out anyway.
So anyone using World Partition will want to use the new set of recommended sizes for the terrain heightmaps.

The TerreSculptor terrain software Unreal Landscape Sizes dialog has been updated with the new World Partition terrain sizes, so anyone using that software will be able to choose valid heightmap sizes.

There are also some other new improvements to the heightmap handling with Unreal Engine 5 that are quite nice. I am working on a video series for World Partition which should be on my channel soon, it will cover a lot of these new features that are so far not mentioned anywhere online.

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For anyone who has been following this thread, the new UE5 World Partition valid large terrain sizes are calculated by (511 x N) - (N - 1).

For example: 16321, 24481, 28561, 32641, 44881, 48961, etc.

The small single terrains from 127 to 8129 still work the same in UE5 as they did in UE4, those values are still valid also for UE5. However, large terrain sizes greater than 8129x8129 have now changed.

You can no longer go by the UE4 Landscape Recommended Sizes documentation for terrains larger than 8129x8129, as World Partition uses the larger 511 Section size.
So you cannot go by World Composition sizes such as 8x8 tiles of 1009x1009 tile size, with shared edges, because that will result in either a cropped or padded landscape in World Partition.
The same goes for converting UE4 World Compositions into UE5 World Partitions, you will end up with an incorrectly sized terrain, that is either cropped or padded.

So World Partition terrains should be created from new with the proper resolutions.


Thanks for the explanation! However, I was unable to insert a value greater than 8161 when creating a landscape in Ue 5.0.2

If you are manually creating a New Landscape using the value controls for Components etc, then the largest that you can create is 8161x8161.
To get larger than that, you have to create the heightmap in third-party software, such as TerreSculptor, and use the Import Landscape function.
Using the Import function you can create large worlds up to probably 64km x 64km if you have enough memory.
128GB main memory with 24GB video memory is enough to import up to 44km x 44km.

That is basically one of the differences between regular Landscape mode and World Partition mode.

The Landscape mode of creating a New Landscape using the Components etc numeric controls should be limited to the Recommended Landscape Sizes on the Landscape Technical Guide webpage.

I know this thread is solved, but just wanted to say a big Thank you to you @noone for providing all this information to the community from your extensive testing on a topic that is heavily undocumented.


How do you fix this if you are not using world partition? Just a regular single piece of landscape?

it is v5.3.2 now, many issues have been fixed and the new scaling system is documented enough to work with. (4033 becomes 4065, etc) NOW: what do we do about these LandScape Regions? i found that duplicating them, and setting them to their standard spacing does accomplish the intended affect, however - i am running into issues where sometimes components “between” regions fail to load, and the world partition editor window does not give us the option to load the tiles individually (only in regions). Is there a known process to manually assign landscape proxy actors to a newly created region? and how do we RE-load an unloaded landscape component that is NOT assigned to any region?