Ue5.0.0 world partition error?

hi, i just started with ue5.0.0 and planed to make the biggest landscape avaiable (for an open world).

  • i made an empty level for open world.
  • i installed my advanced lighting.
  • i created an huge landscape with the highest settings.
  • everything worked fine in the viewport.
  • then i saved the level for a review in the world partion window.

— after saving it, the landscape was gone in the viewport… but it appears again in the play mode.

where is my mistake… or is it an bug ?

thank you very much for an reply :slight_smile:

greetz loopon

I do not know what may be your issue but it could be that the cells were unloaded. So in the partition window select the cells and right click to load cells.
I recently made a video going through a lot of these steps, maybe it will help you.

yes the cells get unloaded automatically when reopening… this is intended,… the purpose is that you don’t want everything loaded at once when opening the map, especially when your world is full with stuff and super heavy…

so just go to your “world Partition” window… select the cells,… right click and load… there you can also choose to load all and so on

@ FXHochban and panPvonB

thanks to all… that helped me a lot !

a sunny weekend to all !


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