UE4Minimal - My Unreal Engine Minimal Theme

Hey friends!

I’ve been working on re-theming Unreal Engine recently, the studio I’m working for found similar feelings but I personally find that the current theme of Unreal Engine has too much visual information going on, and I’m not really a fan of the gradients across the editor.

After starting to look into it, I found that the editor itself is highly customizable and I’m really enjoying coming up with this theme.

I’m regularly updating here (https://twitter.com/codekittah/statu…01962249682945) on my twitter - but hope to release the first iteration of the theme as open-source on Git. Currently, it only requires overriding images in the Engine Content folder. Further plans are to work on iconography and if I’m able to override Slate in a plugin, I have some other padding/margin modifications and visibility ideas in mind.

I’ll update here whenever I have some more updates - but as this is my free time project from work, and some have shown interest - please be patient!

Edit: Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/unrealengin…minimal_theme/

Imgur Link: UE4Minimal - My Unreal Engine 4 minimal theme I've been working on - Album on Imgur

Github link!
Here’s the latest, read the readme for instructions on how to install:

Hope ya’ll like it <3


EDIT: There is also a bug with Color_fill, and the coloring of Node headers (Certain nodes fade from color to a grey, the underlying layer on some nodes doesn’t color) - I’ve reported and am dealing with Epic Support on this!

ABOVE EDIT UPDATE: Epic have also determined a verdict for the underlying layer on Node headers that don’t adhere to color (Not the color_spill, but the underlying layer), they have said that this works as intended, and that it can be colored by changing Node title colors in Editor Preferences - despite my argument that it does not.

I’ve tested this without the Color_spill layer and found while some of the Editor Preferences change the underlying layer (like Function title color) it does not change and remains grey for things like Events and Input, including the Material Editor. My thought is that the Editor Preferences only modify the Color_spill for all nodes, I’ll look into this further…


Also updated the About splash of Unreal with their new logo, and new facebook logo - Credit to @EXGAMESADRENALINE here on the forum for the original inspiration <3

Just wanted to say thank you. The original theme has always repelled me from learning Unreal in some way. Might look like a trivial detail, but it feels much more easy on me this way. Kudos!

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Not a problem! I’m glad you like it <3

Honestly! WHAT IS IT :V it’s soooo good UI I can safely say UE5 design was inspired by your theme it’s so clean and usable and attractive.

Love it thank you for this theme Alessa <3.

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