UE4Editor launch failure under Ubuntu 18.04 (version 4.24.3)

Dear all,

I have an issue launching the Unreal 4 Editor under Ubuntu 18.04. The engine has compiled without error, and the editor binary is launchable, but:
During startup, the editor reports an error message and exits:

“Unable to launch ShaderCompilerWorker”
“Unable to launch <Engine source directory>/Engine/Binaries/Linux/ShaderCompilerWorker - make sure you built ShaderCompilerWorker”

And indeed, there is no such executable in the location the error message indicates.

I’m using Unreal under Windows as well, where the ShaderCompilerWorker helper binary does exist and was built as part of the from-source build.

What could I be missing/have forgotten under Ubuntu?

Thank you very much!
With best regards,
Fabian Aichele

Small update on this matter:
For some (at least to me) unknown reason using Qt Creator to build Unreal failed to build all projects that were generated by “”. Using “make all” (command line instead of IDE) looks like a much “healthier” build already.

Did it work though?

In CodeLite you can build any project seperately. You might be able to find ShaderCompilerWorker and build it.

You can avoid making it bloaty by being very selective what to build. You don’t need to have all sub-applications built before to be able to launch UE4Editor or playtest your project itself.


It did indeed work after running “make” from the command line instead via the build configuration of Qt Creator.
The Unreal Editor now launches without any issue whatsoever.