UE4Editor is crashing on 4.8.3

UEEditor is always crashing in Windows 8.1. My engine version is 4.8.3.
When I try to build or walk into blueprint UEEditor is always crashing.
It made me crazy because I tried to solve this issue since 3 days.

Please see attached log files.

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Well last thing in your log file is empty engine version.

To fix that problem, Click on your Content Folder in your Content Browser. Then make sure you can see all of files. If you just see folders, click on “View Options” and uncheck “Show Folders”.

Next Select all of your assets at once, Right click and hit Save All.

This will update every asset to current engine version. Hopefully that helps! =) Good luck.

Hi Devero

I did as you said but result didn’t change :frowning:

You can see my log file.

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I cant still build on 4.8 and 4.9.
But 4.7 working properly.

Please help in relation this issue :frowning:

Hi GrcnHml,

Your log appears to cut off before it gets to any useful information. Does a Crash Reporter window appear after crash occurs? If so, please copy information in that window, including Machine ID, and paste it here (be sure to hit Send, as well).

Does it always crash doing same thing? What specific steps do you take to recreate crash? Does it only crash in your current project, or does a new project crash in same way?

Hi ,

I have created a new test project (without starter content) , which called TestProject, and I have clicked "Build Lighting Only’'. It has crashed again…

You can see attached TestProject saved log and Windows Event Viewer logs about this issue. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need any other files.

Also there is one more thing, i got same errors in 4.9 but i didn’t get any error in 4.7.

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Hi GrncHml -

Your Windows Event Viewer File shows that Windows is closing Unreal because of a faulting module named igdusc64.dll This is a system File for your Intel Integrated Graphics Card. Please note that it is not engine crashing , but windows which is shutting down engine because system file is crashing (faulting) and is about to crash Operating System.

As we work to improve and enhance UE4 as a top notch game engine, we are always pushing graphics technology and each version of engine is tested with latest AMD, Intel and Nvidia drivers. issue is that your Intel driver is 5 versions behind what Intel is reporting to us as latest driver version (v10 on your PC, v15 reported as latest).

To solve fault you would need to update driver which I linked to you in first report you posted [here][1]

However, big issue that I am seeing is that you PC is not switching to use AMD Radeon Card listed in your DXDIAG when using Unreal Engine. After a little research most laptops which use AMD Catalyst Center will not allow Intel Driver to be updated correctly.

So you will need to make sure that Catalyst Control Center and AMD Graphics Driver (should be one download) are correctly updated.

Once Installed and Updated, you should find a Switchable Graphics Option like one of following:

In Catalyst Control Center:

Right Clicking on Desktop:


Once in Application Settings of Catalyst Control Center you will want to assign UnrealEngine.exe to use High Performance which should force it to use only AMD card. A common mistake is to leave laptop unplugged which will always default to Power Saving mode, you will want to have laptop plugged in for High Performance usage.

There are reports on internet, so take with a grain of salt, which say sometimes Switchable Graphics Settings have to be adjusted via BIOS, but I do not recommend that unless you are incredibly comfortable with your PC and laptop knowledge or instructed by your laptop manufacturer. Catalyst Control Center should be sufficient to resolve this crash and allow you to get back into development.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your helpful information. I guess this is not in relation of Unreal but I cant build my project after 4.7. In this evening I’ll try your solution. Also I sent an email to Toshiba about this issue because i can’t update my intel graphic adapter. I am waiting a suggestion from them.

Thank you again for your information. I will inform you in this evening. I hope it will be fixed and I can use again unreal 4.8.


Hi Eric

I changed my settings in Catalyst Control Center and it is working properly.

Thank you very very much