UE4Editor in Linux

I’m wondering if anybody has successfully gotten UE4Editor running on linux, and if they would be willing to share some steps that they took to get that working. I’ve seen some youtube videos of this being done, but have not been able to find online anywhere some of the issues that people ran into.

When I try to open a project, I get an error like this:

“[2015.03.26-18.48.20:382][858]LogJson:Warning: Field EngineVersion was not found.
[2015.03.26-18.48.20:383][858]LogJson:Error: Json Value of type ‘Null’ used as a ‘String’.”

I can post my logs if that would be helpful, it is very possible I’m doing something very stupid.

I appreciate all help in advance!

UE4 Wiki: Linux Support
UE4 Wiki: Building On Linux