UE4editor.exe-Entry point not found

when I want to launch ue4.12 it says The procedure entry point_woti could not be located in the dynamic link library D:\psp\Epic Games\4.12\engine\binaries\win64\ue4editor-AppFramework.dll.
what will I do?

Your installation has somehow become damaged.
Uninstall and re-download/re-install the engine to get a correct installation.

entry point not found

I reinstall it many times but it is not working.ue4.12.3 download complete but when I want to launch it is always show same problems

Then you are obviously doing something wrong.
Perhaps you’re not completely uninstalling the engine?
Perhaps an old copy of the engine is still running, and you need to reboot the computer first?
Perhaps you, or some internet service provider on the way to you, end up using an old cached copy for download?
Perhaps there is some malware on your computer?
Perhaps you are missing some required dependency (Visual C++ runtime, correct version of Visual Studio installed, etc)?
On a clean computer, with uncompromised internet, and a clean install of Visual Studio 2015, a fresh download of the Unreal Launcher, and letting it freshly download/install an engine, will work fine.

I Reinstalling it.
Hmmm… What does Visual studio of 2015 means?

Do I have to install Visual C++ runtime?

Yes you do, you can download it here:

Make sure you download the x64 version when it asks you which one to download.

Alright tell me How to download UE4.12.3 perfectly?:slight_smile:

Teach me Step by Step How to install Visual C ,Visual Studio 2015,Epic game launcher and Unreal Engine 4.12.3

Please Anyone.

Have you tried restarting the system?
Can you open the DLL with “Dependancy walker”]( to see if there is an entry point there?
Do you have the Visual C++ runtimes: 2016 x64, 2015 x64 installed?

Bump!!Please help me.
Also Do I have to uninstall the engine?

Double Bump.

Have you tried what I asked?

sir which dll u r talking?


I have just done a quick check, and the one with 4.11 does not have such a exported function(via quick search).

How are you starting the editor?