UE4Editor.exe crashes on start


As i wrote in the title my UE4Editor.exe crashes every time i try to start.
I’ve tried restarting, changing to the dedicated graphics card.
I’ve tried restarting, downloading the latest drivers, downloading new
updates from windows, running as admin, etc. but it nothing seems to be

I’ve been looking through the forums for a while but nobody seems to have a
fix that works for me.

Laptop - Fujitsu
Intel(R) Core™ i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30 GHz
16 GB DDR3 memory
120GB SSD (where my OS is installed) + 500GB HDD (where unreal is installed)
intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (intergrated) + NVIDIA GeForece 640M LE
Windows 7 Ultimate

Thanks in advance!
Regards Kyle Thorburn