UE4editor does not support Android platform

I downloaded github version on from branch 4.10 from Unreal Engine and followed steps from


The Android option does appear when at the configuration part, however when I select it to run UE4 under development editor Android, the error message of “UE4editor does not support Android platform” pops up.

I did however, build a sample game in WIN64 mode and packaged it to Android so I think the Androidwork is installed correctly.

One problem I am facing is that one of the third party library I incorporate in my game changes its include directory on platform changes. For instance, it requires unistd.h library when I change the packaging option to Android(since that can be found on unix system but not on windows). However I do find those files in NDK package include. I would like simulate Android environment upon compiling. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s why I think I need to switch to development editor Android configuration instead of development editor WIN64.

Thanks in advance

Okay so I didn’t compile for UE4 Android but project compiles in Android platform so it worked somehow