UE4Editor crash when reopen a big level

We are using UE4.27.1 which was built from source code.

We have a big level, which include 64 streaming children levels. So it need about 10 seconds to load. When the loading is going, reopen this level again(by “cmd open xxx”), the UE4Editor crash definitely. The error happened in this code

and the stack is

From this stack, this error is relative to the Spline Component. So we specially created a new project and tested Spline Component in it. Since the level of the new project is small, and have not enough time to reopen it, we just write a timer to reopen the level repeatedly in Subsystem class.

We tested two kinds of ways of using Spline

  1. Used in Blueprint

  1. Used in Landscape

Both can reappear the same error.

Is it a bug of Spline Component?

To reopen a level is unavoidable in our game, so we have to solve this problem.

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Have you tried a potential hack fix by manually destroying splines in your level before re-opening?

Not yet, because for the Spline used in Landscape, it is the embedded function of UE, we can’t destroy it in that case.

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I’m not sure what to suggest sorry - Hopefully someone else can help you with this.

Thanks for your reply.

We found another question which is very similar to our issues.
According to it, We modified this file StaticMesh.cpp , it just make the reopening map normal temporarily.

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Wow - Does the original code really just straight up delete pointers without checking them first!?