UE4Editor-Cmd.exe <myGame.uproject> -ExecCmds="stat particles" does not work?

I know this is not a C++ question, but I figured y’all might know the answer. I want to open UE from the command line and turn on “STAT PARTICLES”. I am trying it like this…

UE4Editor-Cmd.exe <myGame.uproject> -ExecCmds=“STAT PARTICLES”

but it is not working. Even if I load a particle system into the level, I do not see the stats in the viewport. What I’m doing ought to work, right? I see the command echoed in bright green in the output log, but the stats are not displayed in the viewport. It seems like it is being toggled on but not displayed, because if I run the command again I get nothing. If I run it a 3rd time I see the stats displayed. So maybe it’s “ON” but something is preventing it from reaching the screen. Maybe. Any help appreciated.

Can someone verify whether or not

UE4Editor-Cmd.exe <myGame.uproject> -ExecCmds=“STAT PARTICLES”

works for them?