UE4Editor 4.5 Ubuntu-x86_64

Great job on getting the engine to build in Linux straight from the 4.5 preview branch. Was able to clone it and compile the engine with kdevelop.

After launching was glad to see the multi-monitor issue has been resolved.

Still not quite ready to for use yet, (can’t wait tired of booting into winblows). When grabbing the arrow to move an object the cursor goes to the center of the screen and is locked within a short range of the center, pretty much not moving at all.

The undo feature doesn’t work, no matter what had the focus, the edit->undo dialog says I’m locked on to something and remains grayed out.

Also when attempting to build one of the template projects an error occurred and according to the log in was in was attempting to move a file within the working directories.

Will do some more tests and can post logs, screenshots or anything that can help. (PS, am a Linux Developer during the day, so will be more then glad to help)

Keep up the good work, am still very excited with the progress that has been made. Thanks.

Hi otaku0424,

Did you manage to debug on kdevelop also?

I can import the project with CMakeLists.txt but then don’t know what to do exactly.

Do you know what steps I need in order to debug an unreal project?

Any help would be appreciated