Hi,everyone,This is my personal demo and practice recently,any comment is welcome:)
[video]UE4ChineseGardenDemo - YouTube

Thumbs up! Its like a blend between a Chinese / Japanese garden.


  1. The choice of music is ok, but not sure it adds to the scene ambiance all that much…
  2. Add a few more textures, there’s still too much gray (humpback bridge / walkways)…
  3. Upload HD video as the YT video @ 720p looks like downscaled 360 / 480 and takes away from the work…

Looks great! Did you create the assets yourself?


You did a great job (meshing, interactivity)…what bothers me is your lighting. I think it is too much bright. I’d see a less strong lighting (blue-ish) with some small lamps here and here (orange-ish)…it would put more contrast in the overall atmosphere…at some places,it would look less gray (like franktech said: humpback/walkways). I think the atmosphere would be better. Well, generally speaking, when you have a lot of white/gray texture, it is always better to contrast more your lighting :wink:
One idea, to break your white/gray surfaces, you could put some small light on the floor and activate the ‘Use Emissive Static Lighting’ thing :wink: If needed → https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Rendering/Materials/HowTo/EmissiveGlow/index.html

My 2 cents