UE4Cairo - Vectorgraphics for Blueprints


This project integrates the vector graphics library Cairo into UE4. Currently it offers a dozen high level Blueprint functions to draw lines, rectangles, circles and text in memory and to create dynamic textures, to use on meshes and UMG widgets. Advanced Cairo functionality can be used from C++. UE4Cairo is useful, when you want to draw on textures during runtime. Textures of different sizes can be created depending on resolution, with vector graphics scaling better than pixel graphics.


All shapes on the screenshot were created with UE4Cairo. The ‘Button’ is a widget blueprint with a texture created by UE4Cairo.
UE4Cairo comes under the MIT license which allows both free and commercial use.


The project is still in development and completely undocumented. There are two sample blueprints in the project, that show the use of every Blueprint function. The C++ source code shouldn’t be hard to understand either. Also I have to find out yet, how to build a plugin.
Wether I continue to work on this, is largely dependent on the interest by the community (meaning you :)).

Hi Banbury,

Love your work :slight_smile:

Have you seen this: Plugin Creator/Wizard - Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums

Actually, no I didn’t. Thanks for pointing it out to me. This should make creating plugins much more enjoyable.
Family issues have eaten up a lot of my time lately, but I will try to update UE4Cairo.

Hey, is this still a thing? I tried to compile it in 4.26, but after playing around with missing include error messagies in Rider I ended up with this error message.
This is from the Log.txt:
[2021.05.08-09.58.17:469][ 0]Message dialog closed, result: Ok, title: Message, text: Plugin 'CairoPlugin' failed to load because module 'CairoPlugin' could not be loaded. There may be an operating system error or the module may not be properly set up.
Although the DLL is there…

The last post and github update is in 2015, Its safe to say it is not.

Something else is definitely alive.