UE4 Xcode Project , metal compiler build setting missing

Hi, there, I wanna use Xcode to profile my UE4 game on mobile platform.
I read this article here:
Optimizing Performance with the Shader Profiler

The picture above is what I want.
I need to use this tool to show the time consuming of the each instruction each shader line.
However, my UE4 xcode project seems not to provide the same build option as mentioned in that article.

even though I enabled all the CVar variables in Engine/Config/ConsoleVarible.ini , as follows:

What shuold I do now?

further, I checked out the official Demo project on here
Rendering a Scene with Deferred Lighting in C++
It has the exact build options “produce debugging information” and worked perfectly.

so I wonder how I can get the profiler feature while using UE4??
could somebody help? anything will be appreciated.