UE4 would support Nintendo switch?

Epic Games listed as Nintendo Switch publisher, does it means ue4 could package games for upcoming console?

It would certainly be a shame if they only help AAA devs with nintendo Switch. Nintendo has a pretty big indie online market on 3Ds and Wii U, and pretty much anyone can dev for them. My guess they wanna keep that trend with the new Switch system. Nintendo has stated they want to make their systems easier to develop for so more 3rd party companies put their games in their systems.

I really do hope Unreal has out of the box support for this like with all other major consoles/platforms. It would make a lot of sense and I can’t really imagine a reason they wouldn’t want to do it.

Don’t expect anything before the official console release though, right now only Nintendo partners have access to devkits and not a single word is out on the nintendo dev platform.

Hey there, just to confirm, here’s our official tweet on it

More details will come out shortly about the support.