Ue4 won't see andriod phone

Hi everyone,

I have run into a new problem.
I had some problems when trying to launch to my andriod device, and I was trying to fix them.
And when I was doing that: suddenly ue4 didn’t see my andriod device anymore… :frowning:

And now: whatever i tried so far, it don’tt want to see my andriod device anymore…
I tried to restart the editor and also te restart my computer, but that still doesn’t work…

It’s also weird because when I typ “adb devices” in my command prompt, it there stills see my phone,

If someone knows a solution to this problem, please let me know, you would really help me with it! ;D
thx already! :slight_smile:

found the problem, I was trying to change the sdk folder and
apparently that one has to set right before ue4 can see my device…