UE4 won't load my game resources

About a week ago my hdd died and I lost all of the data on it, but because I still had a copy of the game installed on a laptop, someone recommended to use GitHub - panzi/u4pak: unpack, pack, list, check and mount Unreal Engine 4 .pak archives to at least recover my game’s resources, which I did.

I made a new 3’rd person project and moved the older content in there. Now when I tried to load my game assets back however, nothing was showing up in the content’s browser…I can see the folders, but not the files. What gives ?!

I haven’t been using UE4 for that long so I’m still in the learning process…so if i’m missing something…

Hi Diem,

Which version of the editor did the asset’s come from and which version are you currently working in?

If the version of the editor you are using now is older than the version the assets were created in, then they will not show up in the Content Browser.

I had time to test things a bit more.
The assets come from the 4.3.1 editor, and I was trying to run them with the latest version 4.4.3.
With 4.4.3 the assets won’t show up at all.
With 4.3.1 the editor simply crashes as it loads…I tried copying separate files to see what’s causing the problem, but if it wasn’t crashing it just froze up the PC completely as it was loading and had to reboot.
I used both C++ and Blueprints in the game if that’s of importance.

Now I don’t know if the problem is from the u4pak tool or the editor, as it seems to have unpacked all of my previous assets as .uasset extensions, and the files have the same size as well from what I remember, so yeah…I’m completely stuck right now.

What could be the problem ?!

Are the assets in a form that you can easily zip and send to us? You can do this by private messaging me a link to download them on the forums. Dropbox or googledrive is preferred.


Sadly, there are quite a few of them and my upload is horrid where I live…from what I can tell the unpacker is corrupting the extracted files, which might explain why they can’t be read… Thanks for your help though, but I’ll be starting the project from scratch again rather than risk it and use an older asset that might cause issues with the game in the future.