UE4 without Blender, Maya...?


I just started UG4 1 week ago. I just finished some tutorials and I’m going to think about the next step. I searched a bit on the net but didn’t get a full modern answer.
So here it is : Can I create a game without Blender, Maya… ? I mean, Can UG4 replace 3D modeling at the same level ? If not, can you explain me please.
Give me a link if you have, but a recent one, I was able to miss it…

Thanks a lot.

UE4 is an engine, designed to create the games logic and rendering. 3D packages like maya/max/blender are designed to build 3D models. While UE4 has some rudementy model editing abilities, its the wrong tool for the job, kinda like trying to tighten a screw with a knife. Its harder to do and the results are sub par.

You also won’t be able to modify free/paid assets and so they will not have the same theme and will look exactly like what they are, a bunch of random assets thrown together. 3D modeling is super fun and has uses outside of just game engines, so its a good skill to learn.

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Unreal only have modeling tools for level desing.
but yes, you can, unreal markeplace and internet is full of free/paid assets, my first steam game was a 99% markeplace/internet assets.

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Thanks a lot for you’re answer ixicalibur.

About free/paid assets, you’re telling me that there is no point of buying UE4 assets because its implementation in-game generates several random instances that form a mess ?

Thanks a lot for the answer DomusLudus.

“only have modeling tools for level desing” means texture stuff ? Can you list me some exemples ?
Would be much appreciated.

modeling is not texture, you cannot use ue4 for make art, but you can make game without make art.

What’s wrong with getting a 3D modelling program? Blender is free, and is very easy to learn. It might be useful for making announcement trailers and such as well.

I have been using Maya to create 3D printed Logos for large companies from my city since 2007.
That’s already ~ 14 years…

Still, I am trying to learn Blender because it’s awesome and it’s free.
But it’s hard for someone used to click Maya’s shortcut schemes and tools with eyes closed ^^

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I just asked if UE4 could do blender stuff. “What’s wrong with getting a 3D modelling program?” wasn’t necessary at all.

"as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving blender becomes more likely.

Yes & No… Its possible, but what’s the ultimate goal / what are your expectations? 2D / 3D / FPS / RPG / RTS / Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Mobile / Puzzle / Other??? UE devs are busy so always try to include YT links to sample games (include timestamps if longer than 5 mins).

Overall, if your game is light on characters and / or you can find ready-made models that work, or you can afford to pay a modeler to customize some (or even just barter), then you may be able to just kitbash the rest. Others may feel differently, but I think characters are the most crucial part and the hardest thing to get right. If that’s the case for your game then see here.

For smaller 3D tweaks, there are a few built-in Tools and Plugins that work inside UE (Nate Mesh Tool). UE is a beast though, so learning to model at the same time as learning to make games will mean something has to give. Definitely recommend learning Blender though. If only to give the finger to the rent-seekers at Autodesk / Adobe and their greedy $ubscription-models. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks a lot for the answer.

Yes & No… Its possible, but what’s the ultimate goal / what are your expectations? 2D / 3D / FPS / RPG / RTS / Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Mobile / Puzzle / Other???

I would like to build a Northgard (age of empire, Dyson Sphere Program, humankind…) game like but in the real/present world. So, kind of 2D/3D mechanic, top-down view, real time strategy.
The problem is I’m kinda lost because I don’t know where to really start. I already have the plot of my game (written). By the way, I got IT degree… I know C++ stuff, some universal IT mechanic (it helps a bit).

UE devs are busy so always try to include YT links to sample games (include timestamps if longer than 5 mins).

I didn’t get there yet xD But can you rephrase your sentence ? I didn’t understand everything and I’m interested.

Overall, if your game is light on characters and / or you can…

I’m gonna read you’re link tomorrow (and thanks about it btw). I want simple characters. I can manage to buid them myself (I think) or maybe with a modeler yeah as you said. About kitbashing, I really would like to create all by myself (nothing in the web/market) and be proud of it instead of kitbashing everything. What do you think about it ?

For smaller 3D tweaks, there are a few built-in Tools and Plugins that work inside UE (Nate Mesh Tool). UE is a beast though…

I didn’t get everything you said because I don’t know much yet. I just learn blueprint tutorial and how to make grass on blender since last week. If I’m right, you said that I can’t learn UE4 and Blender so I have to spend money for someone to make the game for me ?
And can you rephrase “rent-seekers” part also please ? I didn’t get it and I’m interested ^^

Thanks for you’re time, lovely :slight_smile:

You can definitely make a game using only UE4 and freebies on the marketplace. Just remember to credit any asset creators if you plan to launch (read their market page descriptions).

But keep in mind that you can save yourself a lot of dev frustration by learning the basics of any modeling/texturing/animation software. Be it freeware, or be it educational licensed buyware

Now take this image and have a time.


No! Don’t try to create everything 100% yourself, every mesh / every model / every texture and material. That’s a mistake! Instead learn to customize (make Kitbash work for you).

Include YouTube links for ^ those ^ games. If the links are long include timestamps (times).

It helps a bit. Although not nearly as much as you’d hope / expect. Game dev is just too different from other types of IT (many tech pros have quit). The pay is also the worst ever! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Costs / lifetime fees you must pay greedy self-entitled corporate suits (rent-seekers):


Autodesk Maya

Autodesk 3ds-Max

Tanks a lot for the answer NotSoAccurateNo1.

Credit is like give them money or list them at the end of the game ?
Like this : https://www.generation-game.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/credits-de-fin-hades-jeu-video-supergiant-games.jpg ?

I already know how to use Sony Vegas Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, C++, Java, C#… (but it’s C++ for UE4 right ?). I’m learning Blender at the moment and UE4.

I had some time to read this. I assume that you have to use one of each to make a great game ? So As I said, PS, Ai, Pr already ok for me. Quixel Mixer looks really great, I already have VS Code…

But, for now, can you tell me what’s my need to first model my game ? For 2D I assume that photoshop, illustrator and quixel Mixer are great ? But it’s enough ? And for 3D, Blender alone is enough ?

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for you’re time UnrealEntreprise :slight_smile:

What do you mean by customize ? Take some kitbash and put them in my game as I want to ?

Oh yeah sorry, here it is :

I’m doing this for auto-satisfaction, not money :stuck_out_tongue:, and I would like to change people’s state of mind with my game :slight_smile:

What I mean is you don’t need to make every mesh / texture / material, and it would take too long anyway (the bragging rights aren’t worth it). By re-scaling / re-texturing existing meshes / models you can completely reinvent them. And there’s a huge amount of free assets to choose from. So overall, try to spend the most time on gameplay… If you need to tweak vertices on a mesh you can use tools like Nate’s Mesh Tool plugin w/o even needing Blender. A lot comes down to discovering what you actually enjoy doing more, whether its 3D or gameplay design.

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Thanks for still being there, it help me a lot :slight_smile: I checked kitbash on few web sites and indeed it’s amazing and really cheap (my opinion) for what it is sometimes.
But 2 more questions are coming XD.
When you pay those kitbash, do you have to extra pay their creator for puting them in your game ? Also, is there any other key words for me to know instead of kitbash (or assets for example) to find some help to make my game? (In order to find some other purchasable/free resources, some software maybe easy to use and free). It could save me some research… Could be great :slight_smile:

You can learn about Licenses below. There’s already lots of free stuff on the Marketplace (freebies each month to collect). There’s also lots of assets in the Community-Tools forums section. The former should all be optimized and proven to work in UE. However, be careful about buying or using anything from cgtrader / turbosquid or any other 3rd-Party sites. The models may not be properly optimized to work in UE, or not even optimized at all, and so contain lots of hidden gotchas (broken). On some sites, models / packs may even have been stolen from other creators on other sites and re-uploaded as paid / free (CC0 / MIT) - when they’re absolutely not!

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Are the FBX file extensions a safe value? After some research I saw that this is the best format for UE4. So if I’m going on a 3D asset site : turbosquid, cgtrader, artstation… and I’m buying a FBX asset, it’s 100% safe ? How to notice something wrong ?

How to notice that anyway ?

So, if I’m right, my question was about Patent Grant ? I need this to be “Yes” in order to keep my money from them ? :stuck_out_tongue: (just buy their asset).
And, if I want to be fully free about :

  • Linking (associate 2 codes at least),
  • Distribution,
  • Modification,
  • Patent grant (keep all the money :p),
  • Private use (keep the code for me or share it ?),
  • Sublicensing (Attach my license or theirs ?).

I need these to be “Yes”, and it’s called FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) ?