[UE4] WIP Stargate Scene

Hey guys first post here, really inspired by the great art I see coming through here daily, great community.

I’ve been working on this small Unreal 4 Scene and thought I’d share it. I’m looking for honest comments and critiques to help improve my work. Go easy this is my first scene.

The scene is still a work in progress, I hope you guys like it.

Hello there :slight_smile:
First of all i like the idea , I loved Stargate movie, It’s a nice scene to work on .
It is WiP but what i notice the most is floor being too metalic , would look better in my opinion if it was more stoneish.
About the lighting i have a feeling like it is not soft enough , too much bloom and saturation for my taste and there could be more light shafts coming out of the holes.
Other than that good job on the meshes and the textures :slight_smile:

Howdy Herc,

Fantastic work on your Stargate recreation scene. The only thing I would change would be the roughness of the floor, as Arendt as previously stated. Just looks a bit too shiny. Great scene though! Makes me want to go and re-watch Stargate. Great job!

Very cool scene!
As the others already stated, the floor looks a bit too shiny - the rest is fine :slight_smile:
Keep it going!

Very noice. were you in the gateworld forums?

Hi Herc,

I stumbled upon this earlier today and think it’s great. I knew someone had to create a cool Stargate scene eventually. Firstly when I looked at the scene I thought “cool stargate stuff” but I do have a few suggestions as to what I would do If I was working on it. Some of the points below may already have been suggested:

  • Try to add more dust to surfaces and reduce gloss and reflections in some areas (This could involve adding sand/dust to all surfaces or better yet have more sand on the sides facing the windows)
  • Increase gate light radius or falloff (I think the light from the gate needs to be the focus or prominent light in the scene, the light should be intense around the gate but still touch the columns in front of the camera)
  • Decrease colour saturation (The colours in the scene are too vibrant)
  • Reduce yellow in scene (The scene seems too orange with the sunlight and fire. I presume you could change the sun colour or use UE4’s colour grading > colour correction)
  • Reduce contrast and overall scene brightness (The scene should not be so bright. The sunlight should be subtle and bounce around the scene. But if the Stargate was inactive the scene should be nearly dark)
  • Godrays need to be more subtle
  • Need some ambient occlusion (Objects in the scene look like they are floating a bit, I think Epic added a new occlusion feature that could help (distance field ambient occlusion))

I’ve put together a few images including a before & after to show you what I mean.


Keep up the good work!!

good work.
compliments :wink:

great work love it, where is that thing to dial a stargate ?

Cool. It looks awesome.

BTW, I’m also working on a Stargate project and I’m wondering how you created the puddle/event horizon, or is it just a texture?

This project is currently on hold due to other ongoing work.

@nivao: The puddle is just a texture but I created a shader that makes it look like it shimmers. I created an eventhorizon effect in Adobe After Effects but i’m not sure how to get a movie file as a texture. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Herc try not to use a moviefile, but a shader instead.