[UE4][WIP] "DM-LastBattle" DM/TDM map for Unreal Tournament

My first UT map!
Decided to challenge me and create a playable map with my own level design and art.
huge fan of UT, Quake, and FPS in general and just get knowledge in the new field for me would be a great plus for sure.
First of all, I want to say HUGE THANKS to all Level Designers who share their knowledge. You are the best!
So, I decided to create an open and symmetrical map just because it’s easier for the first map and I got inspired with the layout from Call of Duty maps where they are mostly symmetrical, have 3 main roads with the main chokepoint in the middle, like the main battle arena, and a couple on the side.
My main idea was - there must be an arena in the middle where should be the main chokepoint with “quad damage”
This is my “dirty layouts”:

From this “idea Sketch”, I decided to stick only with the background
next iteration:

• the ∞ iteration after weeks of playtesting •

I changed quite a lot - introduce height in the level and started to prototype meshes and terrain
• the ∞+1 iteration after weeks of playtesting •

This is my last iteration after some playtesting with bots and friends.

Gameplay video

I think my blockout is finished and I can start the whitebox stage.
I’m fully open for feedback and new information about level design!

I’m in the process of remaking whole blockout meshes to proper ones with interesting design
For the design references, I choose Halo and trying to stick with it
• Main Buildings •

• main arena •


• second arena •


•sci-fi thing•
​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

That’s for now, cheers!

Long time no see!
I asked my friend ArtStation - Alexey Trishkin to help me with an idea for the design of the main building and he creates couple paintovers on my blockout

(they’re not perfect in some places but truly enough to have an idea for a design for the whole map) 

for the rocks, I decided to use this photo

I really like boldness and angularity of these rocks and IMHO they look crazy)

I spent some free time handling a skybox and light in general. Found cool looking hdri image with grayish/blueish clouds, tweak it a bit in Affinity Photo and add more clouds. This is it


all right!
Mass reimagine of the map!
New concept art for the background, much simpler and atmospheric idea. Not sure about the planets …

Changes with the lighting because the previous one was not epic enough for my taste)

Played with Quixel Mixer awesome
program! Who did not saw it already - you should) I create a couple of blends for rock surfaces and I should say that the quality is outstanding!

also, I made a shader for my rocks with 4 materials mixed through masks


Is UT still around? Wasn’t sure anything was going on with it development wise since Epic left it a while back. That being said really looking forward to seeing the finished result here. Love the recent changes made to the atmosphere of the map. Keep at it! =)