UE4 - Windows cooking with editor support

Hey, I was wondering if UE4 supports content cooking for PC with editor support. I couldn’t find that information anywhere in the documentation. I know UDK supports ‘PC’ and ‘PCConsole’ as target platform, and the first has full editor support. In the wiki the platforms listed include ‘WindowsNoEditor’ but I don’t see a ‘Windows’ platform. Am I missing something or is cooking with editor support not possible with UE4?

I apologize if the subforum is not the most appropriate but I couldn’t find a better one.

That’s not possible otherwise it would make it easy for people to get access to files that they shouldn’t.

I mean, I understand why a developer would choose not to cook the game with built in editor support, but companies have done that before (like Epic with Gears of War 1 PC) and it didn’t seem to affect them that much. Thanks for the clarification!

For moding support in your game you need contact with epic. I think.

Only two games have the possility of moding right now. Ark and other…

I would like too get modding suport for my games.